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Site username: ingerblom1 I make an account on the site deposit 1500 sek with my mastercard I play and lose all the money then like 4 days after that I feel like play normal cus I like the site so I make a new deposit of 1500SEK with neteller I play and I win both casino and betting I come up to 11600 SEK and make a withdraw now the fun starts they want me to send them ID and all that so I do that they approve it but then they want to make a phone verification so ok now i get nervous cus I remember how it went the last time on bethard anyway they call me and ask me some questions I can answer most of the questions but since im old I mixed up 2 questions if I had played in the casino i said no i thought that was betting and the other question when I last played I said monday night but it was tuesday night and I explained to them that my grandchild had helped me with this so im not very good at what things are and that kind off stuff but then he says that he dont think its me who cntroll this account but my grandchild but just like before my grandchild just stood next to me and pointed how to do evrything not controlled the account so I ask what rule did I break? THEY CANT SAY all they say is that i failed the phoneverification but I cant find in their rules that they can do like this unless its a scam or something but this is really not so they give me back my deposit and take ALL my winnings cus they THINK my account is controlled by my grandchild but all he did was stand next to me like always I never had a problem on other sites before!! help me to get back my winnings I did not break any rule or did anything wrong and they cant even tell me what I did wrong. Best regards Inger

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